The Douna Group Supports the Illawarra Offshore Wind Project

three white wind turbine on sea

The winds of change are blowing strong in the Illawarra region, and leading the charge towards a sustainable future is the Douna Group. As the Illawarra Offshore Wind project gains momentum, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this initiative aligns perfectly with the Douna Group’s vision of transitioning Wollongong’s industrial base into a hub for green energy and sustainable development.

As someone deeply invested in the future of the Illawarra region, We’ve been closely following the developments around the Illawarra Offshore Wind project. We are well aware that the issue has been heavily contentious, with passionate voices on both sides of the debate. A recent article from the Illawarra Mercury highlighted the concerns of opponents who fear the potential environmental impact of the project, particularly on our “precious” whales, migratory birds, and the seabed. They also worry about the effects on coastal tourism and the overall quality of life for residents. I’ve seen the petition against the project and empathise with their concerns, noting that thousands have signed it. However, I remain confident that all environmental concerns will be thoroughly addressed as the project progresses.

A Green and Sustainable Future for Wollongong

The Illawarra Offshore Wind project is not just about harnessing wind energy. It represents a broader shift in the region’s industrial landscape, moving away from traditional industries to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives. The Douna Group, we are known for our commitment to innovation and sustainable practices, has been a staunch supporter of this transition. Our vision for Wollongong is clear: to transform the city’s industrial base into a beacon for green energy and sustainable practices.

We can acknowledge that Wollongong would not exist were it not for it’s industrial base of coal and steel, while also planning for a future where these industries will either be phased out or transitioned to greener alternatives, powered by renewable projects.

The Illawarra Offshore Wind project is a testament to a vision that we share. Once operational, the government estimates that the offshore wind industry could produce between 3,000 and 8,000 jobs. Specifically, in the Illawarra region, the proposal could lead to the creation of 2,500 jobs during the construction phase and an additional 1,250 ongoing roles. Such a significant boost in employment opportunities is bound to have ripple effects on the local economy, and the Douna Group is poised to play a role in this transformation.

Housing and Property Investment in the Region

With the anticipated growth in the industrial base, there will be a corresponding increase in the demand for housing and property investment in the region. The Douna Group, with our expertise in property development, is well-positioned to meet this challenge. Our mission is to provide housing and property investment solutions that align seamlessly with the projected growth stemming from the Illawarra Offshore Wind project. As more professionals move into the region to tap into the burgeoning green energy sector, the need for quality housing and investment opportunities will rise. The Douna Group’s commitment to pioneering affordable housing solutions in Wollongong and Illawarra will be crucial in accommodating this influx.

A United Front for a Sustainable Future

The Illawarra Offshore Wind project has garnered widespread support, not just from we at the Douna Group but from a diverse coalition of stakeholders. Local unions, recognizing the potential of this “once in a lifetime” opportunity, have formed a community alliance supporting the proposed offshore wind zone. Arthur Rorris, secretary of the South Coast Labour Council, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “This is a golden opportunity. It comes around once in a lifetime and for the first time in this climate change crisis, we have a perfect alignment of steel, raw materials, and manufacturing capacity that is just made for the Illawarra and Port Kembla.”

Furthermore, the NSW Ports have welcomed the Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the region’s industrial landscape. Environmental groups, including Greenpeace, have also voiced their support, highlighting the need to focus on real solutions to environmental challenges rather than being sidetracked by unfounded concerns.

Local councils, political parties across the spectrum, and other property developers and investors in the region, are all rallying behind this transformative project. This united front underscores the collective commitment to ushering in a green and sustainable future for the Illawarra region.

The Illawarra Offshore Wind project is more than just an energy initiative; it symbolises the region’s commitment to a sustainable future. As the winds of change continue to blow, it’s heartening to see industry leaders, community groups, and local stakeholders come together to support a brighter, greener future for the Illawarra region, and we support this plan entirely.

Personal Views

You can read more and additional info on each of our personal views on our personal websites. We’ve taken a lot of time to think about this and considered all the arguments, and we have the confidence that not only is this a great project, but that all considerations brought up by the opposition will be taken into account.